About Alterna Biocarbon

Alterna Biocarbon is a biocarbon manufacturer, and Alterna Biocarbon builds, owns and operates biocarbon facilities.

Our head office is in Prince George, BC. The leading-edge carbonization technology for transforming biomass and other organic waste into biocarbon was developed in South Africa, earlier this decade. The state-of-the-art technology was purchased by Alterna Biocarbon in 2005.

Alterna Biocarbon’s “Van Aardt process” is a platform technology that transforms biomass feedstock into a variety of carbon-based energy products; this is a pyrolysis based system using Alterna’s patent-pending thermochemical biorefining design. The fundamental aspect of the technology is carbonization.

Alterna Biocarbon’s Van Aardt process is the leading biocarbon technology. The technology has unmatched process economics and efficiencies, exemplified by high product yields, with very little external input energy, and a short cycle time. The exceptional features of the technology are:

  • Efficient conversion of biomass into high energy density product
  • “Clean” (not overly complicated) design reducing capital and maintenance costs, and improving reliability
  • Low energy input
  • Very low fossil fuel footprint
  • Low operating costs
  • Variable biomass type input flexibility
  • Variable biomass quality input flexibility
  • Modular design flexibility to match plant capacity to biomass availability