Alterna Biocarbon manufactures and markets biocarbon, which is produced from renewable resources.

Alterna Biocarbon is a company focused on the manufacturing of biocarbon from products, such as wood, municipal and agricultural waste and tires.

Biocarbon, also called biochar or charcoal, is a renewable replacement for coal manufactured for industrial markets. The material is produced from any biomass through carbonization. There are many markets for the product including biochar (agricultural applications), activated biocarbon, and energy pellets.

A major application is for bioenergy, where the biocarbon is carbon neutral when utilized to generate heat or electrical energy. Among renewable energy sources, biocarbon also has the special ability to be utilized in a variety of applications beyond simple power generation. Biocarbon can be utilized in air and water purification, steel industry and agriculture, among others. Many of these applications also supply exceptional environmental benefits.

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